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About us

Established in the charming Robertson wine valley, Sovereign Wines got birthed when the vision of an international wine range was conceptualized with a passionate under-taking to produce and market premium quality wines. Custodian to the establishment is the Van der Merwe family, 3rd generation wine-grape producers in the Robertson wine valley and also a member/shareholder at Robertson Wine Cellar since 1975. As a family owned company our wine-grape producing legacy dates back decades, while our love for wine, innovation and flexibility form the cornerstones of our business.

Sovereign wines is a producer, exporter with the principal focus of establishing international markets and building our existing brands by eternally studying the ever-changing trends in the global wine markets. Since the beginning of Sovereign Wines we realized and understood the importance of not only good quality wines, but also the value of strong design. The combination of these elements ensured that we established an impressive selection of wines, selling successful across a broad spectrum of target markets globally.

Our entrepreneurial urge to be innovative combined with the availability of a vast selection of quality consistent wines has brought a new dimension to our company by means of offering a ‘buyer’s brand’ development service. This service includes the designing of a new label to the look and specifications of the buyer, carton design, wine bottling and labelling. With clear client specifications and quantities confirmed, we are able to supply superior wines of exceptional value, attractively packaged capable of driving growth. All our production and storage facilities are ISO 9001, HACCP, BRC and also ISO 22000 certified, which is the International Accepted Super Foods Standard.

At Sovereign Wines we not only produce and distribute our own bottled wine ranges, in addition we also offer bulk wines, some of which we source from selected vineyards throughout the Cape Winelands.

From humble beginnings and still the essence of our company we pride ourselves that our production and export volumes more than double the past few years. We owe our success not only to our environment and quality of our wines, but also to our biggest asset which is our people and strong partnerships. Each individual contributing to the success of the company is an expert in his/her field, ranging from wine production, packaging, sales, marketing and logistics.

Sovereign wines is a dynamic competitor internationally with our focus on quality and the model of building long term, sustainable business partnerships. We are proud to be defined by our unique approach, something that sets our business apart.

... from the heart of the longest wine route in the world