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Our Wines

Our grapes are grown in rich soils to universally produce wines with elegance, liveliness and finesse, confirming our winemaker’s credence that there is harmony between nature and wine.

  • Natures creation...
    Sovereign vineyard selection wines embodies quality and celebrates natures best! These wines are made from only the finest quality grapes which are being hand harvested and selected from specific vineyards.  Small, high quality oak barrels are used for maturation and special attention is being given throughout the winemaking process. This exclusive wine range is a combination of the very best nature has to offer and the art of winemaking, expressing exceptional flavour, complexity, structure and cellaring potential.

    Vineyard Selection Shiraz | VS Chardonnay | VS Sauvignon Blanc | VS Cabernet Sauvignon

  • A reflection of the source of life. Many moons ago, before the river irrigation system, which brought water by means of canals to the farms in the Robertson valley the fields here was grazed by sheep, ostriches and Angora goats. These fields that are laid against hills and not possible to irrigate was often referred to by farm workers as the barren Angora Hills. Since the addition of water, the source of life via the Breede River irrigation system in the late 1800’s farmers gradually changed from farming with live stock to vineyards. While the climate is ideal for grape growing, the region soon became renowned for quality wines. Today these fertile fields, once referred to as the barren Angora Hills are planted with vineyards of which our wines are crafted with passion.

    Cabernet Sauvignon | Sauvignon Blanc | Natural Sweet Red | Natural Sweet White

  • Inspired by sheer beauty. The French words “Du Belle” translates to “The Beautiful”, believed to be the only words that can describe our winelands. The views, whether you find yourself on a lusciously green riverbank or far up in the majestic mountains of our winelands are guaranteed to be magnificent. These picturesque views over the valleys and hills graced with vineyards tell a silent tale of hard work, dedication and perfection, attributes that are clearly expressed in the quality of our wines.

    Shiraz | Chardonnay | Ruby Cabernet | Dry Red | Dry White

... from the heart of the longest wine route in the world